Off the plan finance

5 tips to buying off the plan

No. 1

Get yourself into financial order, know your financial position, your borrowing capacity and the lending policies of the bank in relation to different property types and locations.

No. 2

Do your research. Understand the median apartment prices growth, vacancy rates, rents, employment statistics and demographics. Get to know the area, transportation linkages, and current and planned infrastructure projects.

No. 3

Research the development team, who's going to deliver this project? What's the track record for the builder, developer, architect and sales agent? Go and visit some of the builder and developer's recent projects.

No. 4

Get independent legal advice from a specialist property lawyer before signing anything.

No. 5

Understand the time frames around the delivery of the project and the sunset dates in the contract of sale. Allow sufficient time to organise your finance.

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